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Jan 1st 2020 — A Game of Monopoly

Day 1 is mostly a lazy start for almost all the New Years revelers, and it was no different for us. Kids slept late and we also weren’t expecting an early morning start for ourselves too.

So, I started our day at 10.30 AM by taking both kids (son — 4 yrs, daughter — 8 yrs) down in our apartment complex for a game of cricket to get the lazy bones going. After playing for an hour, they both indulged themselves in an impromptu shower on the lawns courtesy to a leaky garden hose pipe.

With both the kids drenched, there was no way going back home and facing the wrath of their mother on the very 1st day of the year (who had already ensured they both took their showers before stepping out of the house), so when I declared that it was now time to wash our family car, they got excited with the prospect of getting their hands dirty after two showers.

This is a classic of how Dads do things in reverse.

Both our kids love washing the car with zeal. For them, it’s a matter of pride to be given the task and responsibility of car washing. Our daughter even sat down to shine the car logo that is part of the wheel. She had noticed that the logo was also murky and had lost its shine, so she sat down to clean the logos on all 4 wheels until they shone like bright stars. With the logos now cleaned up, it was time for lunch.

Post lunch, our daughter challenged me to a game of Monopoly – a game that almost everyone has played it sometime in their childhood and teenage years. Even though, I wanted to take an afternoon siesta, the prospect of teaching our daughter the art of playing Monopoly was far more tempting.

Siesta versus Monopoly — the choice was very clear.

A Game of Monopoly With My 8 Year Old Daughter

What started out as a simple game of just rolling the dice and moving our respective tokens on the board, turned into a 4 1/2 hour marathon game which we played in two-halves (the second half was played after dinner time).

And yes, I did catch up on my nap (more like an evening siesta) during the break. And she also slept off around 5 pm only to wake up around 8.30 PM directly for dinner.

I guess money matters makes most of us heavy headed.

Daughter Gets A Crash Course on Investing

– how to manage her cash

– segregating and counting her currency

– understood which properties to buy and which ones to ignore

– collecting & paying rent

– building houses on her properties

– building hotels

– understanding the concept of a bank

– challenging the status quo and mixing thing up

– calculating the cost of building the houses versus the returns that she might expect over the duration of the game

– indulging in trading properties and seeking premium on properties that yield higher rentals

– negotiating while buying/selling the properties, and

– at all times keeping an eye on her cash flows.

– And yes, also how to pay bail to get out of Jail (Hope it never comes to that)

Well if you thought all these learnings were the highlight of the day, you could be mistaken.

The Real Highlights Of The Game

– she leaping with joy whenever I would land at her property on which she had built multiple houses (higher payouts for her),

– dancing with excitement around the room whenever I landed on her properties with Hotels (the big jackpot).

– Finally, the amazing thrill of driving her Dad to bankruptcy and beating him hands down in the world’s most exciting money game..!

Somewhere I think, the game triggered her confidence in understanding the concept of money, buying/selling, negotiations, how banks work, etc which practically all the children deeply want to learn about, but are rarely taught by their parents or their school teachers.

So if there is one thing that you can do for the year, is to go get that Monopoly game and set aside a weekend to play that game with your kids.

Make sure you have enough pop-corn and munchies stocked up. And when their eyes light up while playing the game — you know you are in trouble.

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