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The Power of YES

Nah, I don’t have time now. Nah, I am busy right now. Nah, I can’t come to play with you. Nah, am in the middle of something. Nah, I can’t go out with you now. Nah, this ain’t gonna work.

And the list goes on and on

We have become used to hearing that word from so many people, that it has actually become very natural for us to say a NO and not even realize it. Reason? Its a familiar word and gets used very often. So something that we hear very often is surely going to feel natural when WE say it.

The word NO is very powerful — in a negative way. It immediately shuts the door, stops a conversation, pushes the person away. And if you thought, it’s only the other person who gets impacted, you are wrong. The same happens to you as well. The door shuts on you, your conversation stops and you get pushed away.

Its so powerful, that next time the person may not ask you at all. A NO is like a dead-end. Can’t move forward from there, can’t go sideways. And you can’t go back either.

Now, Let’s Look at YES

Yeah, I have time now.  Yeah, I would love to go out with you. Yeah, lets meet. Yeah, lets go play outside. Yeah, lets talk. Yeah, I can make it work.

Powerful, isn’t it? But how powerful?

YES, opens up possibilities that never existed before that moment. It challenges you to try new things and explore the unthinkable. 

It provides you with amazing opportunities to have a conversations, share what matters to you, laugh with people around you. Most importantly, Yes leads to infinite possibilities

When was the last time you had a hearty laugh? Trace back your thoughts and most likely, it was because you answered YES to someone

Saying YES brings a smile to the person’s face. Including yours. Try it now, and see whether you smile. If you don’t then maybe you have been saying NO for a very long time.

Imagine a time when you nervously asked someone for a dance, and you got a YES. How did you feel? Didn’t you tap away all night?

Imagine a time when you hesitantly asked someone out, and you got a YES. Didn’t it bring a smile to your face, a feeling of excitement, a sense of possibilities?

Over the years, as we add miles to ourselves, we become too rigid, we box ourselves, we disengage, we stop imagining the possibilities. It happens because either we have uttered too many NO’s or have heard too many NO’s over our lifespan. We don’t see any possibilities anymore and we withdraw within the four walls of our brain.

A survey conducted by UCLA few years back reported that the average one year old child hears the word NO more than 400 times a day. Now considering that for the first year, you were never said a NO because you could not really ask for anything. On the contrary you cried for everything and you go it.

By the time you reach adulthood, you would have heard the word ‘No’ repeated 50,000 times.  Look at the amount of negative voice that is ringing in your ears since then. 

Worse, whenever you say a NO, not only the other person hears it. But you hear it too. Its a double whammy. 

In comparison, the word YES is heard only 7,000 times. It is no wonder we find it so hard to say a Yes

On the contrary a YES, allows you to create possibilities that seemed impossible. It opens up to you new challenges that were not in front of you before

It allows you to create conversations, memories, have fun, share your experiences, your joys, your sorrows, your darkest secrets, a seat and even your pillow.

As Richard Branson puts it – If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say Yes. Then learn how to do it later.” He is a big fan of saying Yes, so much so that he has earned the nickname : Dr. Yes

It opens doors that were never knocked upon. Allows you to dream, and dream Big with people around you. 

YES is like that sun which is breaking through the clouds. NO, is the sun that does not know how to shine at all.

A YES is evolutionary. Helps to make babies. Creates life

YES has a future. A NO does not create anything, has no future

So here is a trick question — Are you going to stop saying NO?

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