How Do You Go From

Impossible to Possible?

A little nudge & a little inspiration

Both put together creates a perfect recipe to bring excitement in people’s everyday lives

YoloClb is India’s 1st and one of it’s kind platform that allows people to participate in fun social challenges & also throw challenges at their friends in a gamification format


Challenges Drive People

Makes Them Do Amazing Things

Achieve the Impossible

Creates  Fun & Excitement

Our Approach 

Prioritizing User Experience

User Experience lies at the core of YoloClb. Every User journey is created by keeping the User at the heart of the design philosophy.

Being passionate is just not enough. We challenge ourselves to do better everyday

Innovating All The Time

New Challenges are constantly added to the platform for Users to stay engaged and come back for more. All challenges in each category are conceptualized and vetted by respective Industry Experts 

Creating Amazing Moments

Challenges bring a zing in people’s lives if they are designed to evoke fun, laughter and a sense of accomplishment.

Sure, its great to complete your challenge. But more important is the act of doing, that creates amazing moments

The Yolo’ers

Rupesh N. Bhambwani

Chief Challenger Officer 

Don’t Limit Your Challenges. Challenge Your Limits

A proud father of two great kids. An avid reader across multiple genres. An industry veteran with management level stints at Nokia & Ericsson. Key management member of a technology startup in the US

A Formula 1 Enthusiast & Collector. An Amatuer Astronomer – intrigued by the cosmos, its creation, and everything in-between & beyond. People & Ideas are his energy boosters.

Founder of YoloClb. Strongly believes in the concept of the Nudge Theory that can trigger people to achieve the impossible and do the unthinkable. 

Moen Ediga 

Advisory Board – Platform Strategy & Technology

“Challenge Today, Conquer Tomorrow.”

A Tech Enthusiast with 18 years of Hands-on experience in setting up Technology roadmaps for companies.

Thirst for knowledge & a research oriented mindset has led him to build a repertoire of capabilities in AWS, Mobile App Frameworks, Google Ads, SEO, Digital Marketing, Strategic Consulting, Information Architecture Design and UI/UX

Motorcycling keeps him sane

Eduardo Rodriguez

Advisory Board – Customer Journey & Analytics

“Measure On”

An industry expert in Analytics, Communication Networks, Customer Experience & Product Management.

Founder of a startup in the Music industry.

STEM advocate and a believer of the many benefits of technology applied to education & lifelong learning, and as a way to level teh playing field for kids worldwide

Passionate about Education, Music & Programming

Lokesh Sah

Advisory Board – Brand & Communication Strategy

“A Challenge Taken Is An Achievement Unlocked”

A veteran with 20 years in the Advertising industry. Spearheaded key portfolios at Lowes Lintas, Cheil, & FCB Ulka. Instrumental in leading & nurturing many global iconic brands across geographies.

Infusing soul in ideas that deliver high entertainment value comes quite naturally to him & the reason for his love of Advertising

A vagabond at heart, his wanderlust makes him & his family to embark upon adventurous road trips to discover new frontiers