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YoloClb & Scotty

What is YoloClb?

YoloClb is India’s 1st and one of its kind social app that allows you to throw fun & exciting social challenges to your friends, colleagues, family or participate in self-challenges in a unique gamification manner

What does YoloClb mean?

Yolo stands for “You Only Live Once”. Clb is the outcome of not getting a domain name with “Club”. In essence, YoloClb is a community of awesome people who love to live their life to the fullest. 

Why should I participate and play on YoloClb?

For you to be Awesome. Participation in YoloClb guarantees you an exciting time for yourself & your friends.

Who is Scotty?

Scotty is your Friendly Mascot. Say Hello to him when you get a chance on scotty@yoloclb.com

Challenges & Earning Credits

What kind of challenges can I participate in?

You can participate in challenges around Fitness, Health, Travel, Sports, Adventure, Creative, Family and tons of Crazy Fun activities that is guaranteed to turn heads 

Are there are any charges to participate in the challenges?

All challenges are absolutely free. You can participate in as many challenges as you want and as many times as you desire. There is no limit to having Fun.

You should just have enough credits to continue having the fun

How safe are the challenges?

All Challenges are conceptualized, designed, curated and audited by a special panel of industry experts to ensure all challenges fit within our safety framework.

If you find any challenge that is unsafe or should not be part of the platform, you can write to the CEO directly on rbn@yoloclb.com

What are YoloClb credits?

YoloClb credits allow you to throw challenges at your friends. More the credits you have, more friends you can challenge

How do I earn credits?
You can earn credits during various stages within the app – when you sign up, complete your profile, grow your gang of friends, update progress of your challenge, share video of your challenge, complete the challenge, etc
What can I do with my earned credits?
You can use your credits to throw some exciting and fun challenges to your friends or request for a coach
What happens if I get low on my credits balance?

Simple. Grow your gang on the app and see your credits balance soar. More the credits – more the Fun

Are there ay rewards for me at the completion of challenge?

Yes, absolutely – You can receive personal Rewards from friends who challenge you

How do I get rewarded for completing the challenge?

When your friend throws a challenge at you, she can define a personal reward for you.

Eg, – She can take you out for a coffee, a movie, a concert or get you your favourite pair of shoes, a watch, a phone or give you a nice warm hug for your attempt to complete the challenge

The opportunities for Rewards are endless.

Can I reward myself for my self-challenges?
Yes, absolutely. You deserve a reward as well for completing a self-challenge. After all – you are the one attempting it and should get to fulfil your desires
Can I throw any challenge that I want to?

Since we want to ensure that all challenges are safe and does not bring harm to anyone, you cannot throw any random challenge.

You can however a suggest a challenge that should be part of the platform by writing to the CEO on rbn@yoloclb.com

Can I suggest a challenge to be included in the app?

Yes, we welcome you to suggest any challenge to us, provided they are not dangerous and don’t bring harm to anyone. And if your challenge is accepted, it will be named after you. Now, how cool is that..!

What is the process of including a challenge suggested by me into the platform?

The challenge suggested by you, is reviewed by our team of industry experts to check whether it fits within our safety framework. The final approval is provided by the CEO.

If accepted, it will show up on the challenges list within the app for you to play. 

Throwing & Receiving Challenges

How do I throw a challenge at my friend?
Once you sign up, you can select a challenge from the list of challenges and throw it to your friend. Your friend has to accept the challenge in order to participate
How do I accept a challenge thrown at me by my friend?
If you already have the app installed, you will receive a notification to accept the challenge.
Do I have to start the challenge right away or can I schedule it for a later date?

The choice is fully yours. You can either start right away or schedule it for a later date. The app will provide you the reminder basis the date entered

How many challenges can I participate at any given time?

There is no limit to the number of challenge that you can participate in. Sky is the limit.

More you do, more Fun you will have. 

After throwing the challenges to my friends, do I need to remind them to complete the challenge?

No, you don’t need to do anything. After throwing the challenges, just sit back, relax and watch the fun unfold.

We will send the necessary reminder notifications to your friends and encourage them to complete their challenge

Can my Friend decline the challenge that I have thrown at her?

Yes. It’s quite possible that the challenge that you have thrown at her may not be to her liking, so it’s your choice to accept or decline it

Can I decline a challenge that has been thrown at me by a Friend?

Yes. It’s quite possible that the challenge that you have received may not be to your liking. So it’s your choice to accept or decline it.

To be courteous to your friend – do provide a reason for declining so that your friend can throw better challenges next time around

For self-challenges, do I need to set any reminders for myself?

No, we are all about making your life easy. We will send you the necessary reminders encouraging you to complete your challenge.

Can I throw the same challenge to multiple people at the same time?
Yes, you can. Just throw the same challenge to multiple friends
Why do I need to click a Video?

To prove that you have completed your challenge. And to share it with your friends

Can I share my challenge completion video with my friends on any Social Media Networks?

Yes, you get to flaunt and showcase your talent (and even your craziness) with your friends and get applauded for becoming a star

Dashboard – Your Adda

How do I update the progress of my self-challenges?

You can update the progress of your self-challenges on the Dashboard – My Adda

Can I ask for a time extension to complete my challenge?

Yes, you can. Everyone deserves some extra time. Just go to the Dashboard (My Adda) to request for a time extension from your friend

How do I track progress of my self-challenges or the challenges that I have thrown to my friends?

You can track progress of all the challenges on the Dashboard – My Adda

Is there any way that I can motivate or nudge my friend to complete the challenge?

Yes, you can send some amazing pre-designed motivational stickers from within the app to your friends.

You can also call, meet or whatsapp your friends whenever you want to provide encouragement

How do I know that my friend has completed the challenge which I threw at her?

Your friend will have to click and share a short video with you directly or on any social network where you are connected with her

How can I provide feedback about the app?
You can write to us on scotty@yoloclb.com

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